Upgrading Mastodon on FreeBSD

This post is now out of date. The FreeBSD port/package of Mastodon, net-im/mastodon, is no longer available. To install Mastodon on FreeBSD, refer to the Mastodon Production Guide. To upgrade Mastodon, refer to the Mastodon release notes.

Stop the three Mastodon servers.
# service mastodon_web stop
# service mastodon_workers stop
# service mastodon_stream stop
Upgrade your packages.
# pkg upgrade

Check the Mastodon release notes to see if any special scripts need to be run. For example, if a data migration is required, run the commands below, but do not prepend commands with `bundle exec` and never run `bundle install`, `yarn install`, or `assets:precompile`.

# su - mastodon
% echo -n > Gemfile.lock
% RAILS_ENV=production rails db:migrate

Do a diff between nginx-include.conf.sample and nginx-include.conf to check for changes. Update nginx-include.conf if necessary.

Return to root privileges.

If you made changes to nginx-include.conf, reload the nginx configuration.
# service nginx reload
Finally, restart the Mastodon daemons.
# service mastodon_web start
# service mastodon_workers start
# service mastodon_stream start

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