Running Mastodon on FreeBSD

Update: On 2017-09-15 the FreeBSD Mastodon port, net-im/mastodon, was overhauled with version 1.6.0 to handle installation of Mastodon's node modules and assets. This installation guide has been updated to reflect those changes.

This guide describes how to to get Mastodon running on FreeBSD using the FreeBSD port/package. What follows is based on the official Mastodon production Guide.

Install the packages

# pkg install nginx postgresql95-server postgresql95-contrib mastodon

Enable and start required services

# sysrc redis_enable="YES"
# service redis start
# sysrc postgresql_enable="YES"
# service postgresql initdb
# service postgresql start
The Mastodon port ships with two sample nginx configuration files, a complete nginx.conf and nginx-include.conf, which mostly just includes the server block. If the web server is going to be dedicated to Mastodon, you can create a new nginx profile.
# sysrc nginx_profiles=mastodon
# sysrc nginx_mastodon_configfile="/usr/local/www/mastodon/nginx.conf"
If you prefer to continue using your current nginx.conf, you can add the line below to it. Make sure you put it inside the http block.
include /usr/local/www/mastodon/nginx-include.conf;
In either case, you need to customize nginx-include.conf. At minimum, you will have to change all instances of Once you are satisfied with its configuration, start nginx.
# sysrc nginx_enable="YES"
# service nginx start

Create mastodon database user

# psql -d template1 -U pgsql -c "CREATE USER mastodon CREATEDB;"

Switch to the mastodon user

# su - mastodon

Customize .env.production

Customize .env.production to suit your needs, but you must at least set values for LOCAL_DOMAIN and SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS. You also have to generate secrets for PAPERCLIP_SECRET, SECRET_KEY_BASE, and OTP_SECRET. Generate a different secret for each of these fields by running the command below three time. Save .env.production before moving on to the next step.
% RAILS_ENV=production rake secret
If you are installing version 1.5.0 or later, to enable Web Push notifications, you need to generate a few extra secrets and put them in .env.production.
% RAILS_ENV=production rake mastodon:webpush:generate_vapid_key

Set up the database for the first time

% RAILS_ENV=production rails db:setup

Start the Mastodon daemons

Run the following commands with root privileges.
# sysrc mastodon_web_enable="YES"
# sysrc mastodon_workers_enable="YES"
# sysrc mastodon_stream_enable="YES"
# service mastodon_web start
# service mastodon_workers start
# service mastodon_stream start

Give users administration rights

After the user alice has created an account through the web interface, you can give her administration rights by using the command below.
# sudo su - mastodon
% RAILS_ENV=production rails mastodon:make_admin USERNAME=alice

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