Upgrading Mastodon on FreeBSD

Stop the three Mastodon servers.
# service mastodon_web stop
# service mastodon_workers stop
# service mastodon_stream stop
Upgrade the Mastodon package.
# pkg upgrade mastodon
Switch to the mastodon user.
# sudo su - mastodon
Remove the old Gemfile.lock.
% rm Gemfile.lock
Check the release notes to see if the javascript dependencies need to be updated.
% yarn install
When upgrading to version 1.4.3, an extra step needs to be run before the database migration.
% RAILS_ENV=production rails mastodon:maintenance:prepare_for_foreign_keys
Check the release notes to see if the database migration script needs to be run.
% RAILS_ENV=production rails db:migrate
Check the release notes to see if the new release includes changes to assets.
% RAILS_ENV=production rails assets:precompile
Return to root privileges and restart the Mastodon daemons.
# service mastodon_web start
# service mastodon_workers start
# service mastodon_stream start

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